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One young Japanese man even held a real-world, live-casted commitment ceremony with his virtual girlfriend from a dating sim called "Love Plus," which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies on the Nintendo DS handheld game console since 2009.

"In Japan, men do have virtual girlfriends — it is a phenomenon — indeed, there are even resorts that are dedicated to be places where one can go on 'vacation' with these fantasy women," Turkle said.

Everyone you know and love is projectile vomiting into an airing cupboard, while Ringo Starr narrates porn through a loud-hailer and Jilly Goolden maintains eye contact with your Dad.

Slippery Pete is ignoring his parents’ advice, while fishmongers perform an ancient fertility ritual, a dirty boy rolls freshly dug beetroots across a lubricated surface, and Jenna Jameson plays drums.

Bright blue cartooniness aside, he’s more or less a prescient version of our President-elect.

I think shopping summons up the ancient hunter-gatherer in me.

Video games and online programs also offer virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend) experiences on smartphones and handheld video game consoles.

The crude connections may signal a "robotic moment" for society where humans begin turning to artificial intelligence to fulfill emotional needs, said Sherry Turkle, director of MIT's Initiative on Society and Self. And that a robot would be a safe choice." Virtual lovers Such "seduction by social robots" forms a key theme in Turkle's latest book, "Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other" (Basic Books, 2011).

The show can feel gratuitously pessimistic, yet it’s rooted in reality: nearly every scenario parallels something in our current world.

In particular, an early episode disturbingly foreshadows the rise of Donald Trump.