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The release is part of the company's new Bot Framework, a toolkit which can be used to create conversational chat programs for a variety of tasks.

The framework was announced at the opening event of the Build 2016 developer conference, where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella heralded bots as the next big platform to be tackled by tech companies.

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Microsoft has made the code behind its infamous 'Tay' chatbot open source, meaning any developer can now use it to create their very own racist, sexist artificial intelligence.

But thanks to virtual reality and hardware that plugs into phones, the latest sex toys can redefine the meaning of "long-distance relationships" while others can take humans almost completely out of the sexual equation.

Now, a few doll makers and researchers would like to add artificial intelligence to the mix, creating erotic dolls that would do a lot more than just lie around.

By monitoring what other users said to it, Tay developed an understanding of speech and was able to write new tweets of its own.But we’re years away from a legal chatbot being robust enough to actually be more than a novelty.Anyway, you can read a story about the AI here, or try it yourself here."Perhaps I have found in my dolls what I was looking for in vain among humans for an even longer time.Being a quiet man myself, my two silent companions and I [are] getting along quite well." For most people, erotic dolls represent a hidden world populated by men incapable of interacting with members of the opposite sex.After cottoning on to the bot's design, a group of users made a concerted effort to bombard Tay with offensive messages.