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And they all had something in common: the same excuse.

Just about every man who came to our house said it was the first time he had done something like this and most claimed they really had no intention of having sex with a minor.

Since Joe is homeless and elderly, it’s not easy for him to find sexual partners, so religion is all that remains in any practical sense.He sat in front of a heaping pile of beans, grains and vegetables, his pushcart parked next to our table.Overflowing with pieces of cardboard and extra jackets, the cart held the sum of his worldly possessions. He avoids processed foods and animal products, not for ethical or health reasons, but religious ones.Also, scroll to the bottom of the page for the software mentioned in the story and more resources.To follow the trail of an Internet predator prowling for children, from seduction in a chat room to a face-to-face meeting, Dateline rented a house, wired it with hidden cameras, and enlisted the help of an online vigilante group called "Perverted Justice." Volunteers from the group posed as teens in chat rooms, saying they were home alone and interested in sex.I live in a large house in big grounds, and since my husband's death I have had to do an enormous amount of restoration and maintenance.