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“Saeed Karimian, the director with 1,001 opponents, from sexual harassment to forced labor,” is the headline used by Iran’s Fars News Agency in its coverage of the murdered 45-year-old media mogul.
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Funny dating advice for guys

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Unfortunately, in the world of dating everyone’s behaviour is under the microscope.

You could be a great date, but one wrong move will leave your date reaching for their bag and looking at the door.

I’ll be coming in several times over the next few days with various people.

We wish it wasn’t like this, but many women have been on dates where that mention of living at home with their mother or still taking a teddy bear to bed just weirds them out. Mentioning sex in the first 10 conversations Sex is a wonderful, fun and exciting thing. But, if you barely know someone, talking about sex is just a bit creepy. We’re not saying that’s you, but they’re numb to it.

We’re going to break this down into men and women, because while weird dating behaviour can be universal, there are some gender specific behaviours that should just be avoided. Would you talk about sex with the lady in the Post Office? No, so why is OK to talk about it after a couple of drinks on a first date? They’ve met guys in bars, friends of friends, and guys online who’ve clearly only got one thing on their mind – and that’s pretty insulting.

Just say, “I had a great time tonight.” It will make you stand out from the other Joes who say it as a matter of habit.

Even if you do want to call her, telling her is meaningless.