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Updating firmware on cd burner

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Use System Restore to return your Vaio to the configuration when it was last working normally.Start - Device Manager - expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives and check the status.The firmware upgrade is handled automatically and a restart is necessary afterwards to complete the operation.You can run Img Burn's firmware checker to see if the new firmware version has been applied successfully to the drive.Please make sure that the RCA/composite (yellow, red & white) cables are plugged into the VIDEO OUT and AUDIO OUT ports on the back of your VCR. Additional notes: - DVD/VHS combo player users: The S-Video connection on DVD/VHS combo players are generally for DVD player side only.We recommend that you use RCA/composite (yellow, red & white) cables.The disc burning program Img Burn comes with firmware searching options as well.Let me show you how that is done: Img Burn displays a prompt when you do that displays the device's current firmware version and information how the search is conducted.

As far as I know, there is no magic solution but you could try some or all of the following: -1.

All CD, DVD and Blu-Ray drives include firmware stored in memory that control various features of the drive.

Since it is software, it may be updated just like programs running on your computer, for instance to add new functionality, fix bugs or improve performance.

The program redirects you to the website Firmware HQ where all firmware versions of the selected device are displayed to you.

Even if you do not download the firmware from here, you can still find out if a firmware update is available for your recorder so that you can search for the new version on the manufacter's website instead.